7 Reasons To Host A Fantasy Draft

You’ve been holding a yearly draft with your high school buddies thanks to the world wide web for a few years now. You’ve mastered the process, cleaning off your desk so you can lay flat a few “cheat sheets.” You have a Sharpie marker in hand to cross off players drafted and a soda nearby. So, why change now? Well…

1. The camaraderie. When you hold your draft online, you lose the camaraderie. Sure, they have “chat” during the draft, but it’s too distracting difficult to keep up with conversations. And you can forget about private conversations unless you have a friend on your cell phone or are using a separate messaging drafting services service. But unless you have mastered the skill of multitasking, it just isn’t worth it.

2. You have all the time in the world. Each team is given somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-2 minutes per pick during an online draft. But when you host the draft, break out the grill and turn it into an all-day party. Or make it short and sweet. We recommend the former, but it’s all in your control.

3. Everyone will be there – or you can postpone. Have you ever held a draft online and, after it started, realized that someone was missing? And for the next 16-17 weeks, all you hear is his or her constant whining? Eliminate that possibility by hosting. Players are more likely to circle the draft’s date on their calendar when it means traveling to another player’s house.

4. Bragging is way more fun in person. This one requires no explanation.

5. You have more options. You can’t hold an auction draft online. Even if you could, you’d be missing out on the screaming of bids and exchange of Monopoly money. In fact, your options are essentially unlimited with a hosted draft. And wheeling and dealing to get trades done is easier, more exciting, and more intense than ever before.

6. You get the “feel” of the real NFL Draft. 99% of the players in your league will take it more seriously if it means a trip to your house, whether it is next door or 10 miles away. You get to set up a draft board and post all the selections. And who wouldn’t want a commissioner step up to the podium and announces to all, “With the first overall draft choice, the Pink Pandas select…”?

7. Everyone will have a great time, especially you! No one talks about online drafts the way they do hosted drafts because no one gets the same feeling when surfing the web. Everyone loves to shout, everyone loves to hang out, everyone loves to eat medium rare food straight off the grill, everyone loves… get the idea?

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