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Have you ever watched the increasing proliferation of online gaming sites, such as Pogo, King.Com, MiniClip, and many others, and wondered if there might be a great opportunity somewhere here to build a business for yourself?

Let’s face it, according to a report commissioned by Neilsen / Netratings, a huge US-based public relations firm, the market is already exceeding $ 164 per second worldwide and is forecast to grow to more than $ 412 per second. second in the next decade. At $ 412 per second, that is, 60 times 60 times 24 times 365 times $ 412, or $ 12,992,832,000 per year …

That’s a projected annual turnover of over $ 12 BILLION!

You don’t need a lot of that to be very, very seriously rich, do you?

So let’s see what it would take to get a big chunk of these billions, because when it comes to this amount of money, people will go to great lengths to get this amount of loot.

In order to establish a serious competitor for existing market leaders, who are by no means going to sit back and make it easy for you, you will need absolutely www.ufabet.com  millions just to take a look …

Okay, you’re on a very tight budget and your maximum spending is probably capped at less than $ 1,000 in spare cash right now, so you’re going to say goodbye now!

But wait, let’s continue our analysis of what it would take to take on the big, established players at their own ‘game’ (no pun intended …)

Let’s take a look at what would be involved just to: –

1. Design, develop and test your games. Even using the low labor costs of expanding economies like China or India (home to the world’s best and most successful game designers), can you imagine how long it would take to design a mind-blowing online skill game and then give it a go, much less a full set of attractive games …

2. Once these games have been developed and tested, build a hardware server system capable of handling any number of online skill games at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world, in a wide range of browser platforms, including the Internet. Explorer, Mac, etc.

3. Establish a support organization around the world to ensure that everyone had access to the games and that all Associates were paid on time.

Millions would probably be a good estimate to create such a formidable and viable attempt to carve out a sizable niche in what is obviously already a mass market, and one that is destined to grow like fury.

But seriously, not many people have that amount of money to invest in creating a competitive product in this market, so if you are still with us, the obvious answer is to become an Associate of an established company, or better yet, look for the newest on the block. You can bet (literally) your last dollar that the last one to enter the market will have a lot more facilities to help you build your business from home; it is the only way it could enter the market.

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